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Learning and Teaching

St Paul's Catholic Parish Primary School is registered by the NSW Board of Studies (BOS) and is subject to the curriculum requirements of the Board. We are eagerly anticipating the implementation of the new Australian Curriculum over the next three years. 

This includes an educational program based on, and taught in accordance with, the outcomes of Board of Studies syllabuses in the six Key Learning Areas (KLAs) of English, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Human Society and its Environment, Creative Arts and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education. In addition, a course in Religious Education is taught in theory and practice.

The Primary Curriculum is organised into Stages

Early Stage 1 Kindergarten
Stage 1 Year 1 and Year 2
Stage 2 Year 3 and Year 4
Stage 3 Year 5 and Year 6

Most students will be working towards the outcomes for their Stage. Some students will be working towards outcomes that are above or below their Stage.

Inquiry Learning Focus

One aspect of the Curriculum that St Paul’s implements is the development of an Inquiry Learning focus. We plan our learning experiences around exploring and deepening our understanding of big ideas related to the curriculum.