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Religious Education Curriculum

The RE Curriculum in Wollongong has been the result of a joint collaboration between the Diocese of Wollongong and Archdiocese of Sydney, with advisory support from the Dioceses of Armidale and Lismore. This collaboration has produced the K-6 Religious Education Curriculum.

The K-6 RE Curriculum is based on the Emmaus Paradgim, which is derived from the Emmaus Story, (Luke 24:13-35), whereby Jesus meets two disciples and walks with them but they do not recognize him. The paradigm influences the selection of teaching and learning experiences.

The four inter-related aspects of the paradigm allow the students to:

  • †  Make Sense of everyday life in the broader contexts of mystery, complexity, confusion and awe
  • †  Gain Access to and understand the Scriptures, the traditions of the Catholic community, its stories, its experiences and its teachings
  • †  Respond to the activity of God in their lives and in the whole of creation
  • †  Celebrate with others the mystery and life of the Risen Christ

As a Catholic school we provide quality Catholic learning and teaching opportunities for our students and the RE curriculum documents bring together the richness of the tradition of the Catholic faith and culture with the best of contemporary methods of teaching and resources. Each class has a minimum of two and a half hours of formal religious education lessons each week.

An important component of the K-6 RE Curriculum is Storytelling. This allows the students to learn from a hands-on approach that engages them with the use of 2D and 3D materials.

The resource book To Know, Worship and Love is one resource that is a major support and tool for our curriculum.