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Principal's Message

At St Paul’s our students are nurtured in their faith by learning about the Catholic Church, its traditions, beliefs and practices, and we support their parents in their role as the child's first educators of faith.  St Paul’s Catholic Parish Primary School Albion Park, strives to be totally dedicated to partnership in this privilege and responsibility.

At St Paul’s we allow the development of quality relationships. Community is important to us and relationships are promoted and celebrated through positive interaction with students, teachers, parents and the parish.

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and welcoming faith community. At our school the importance of tolerance and understanding of difference is promoted. This allows all in our school community the right to work in a safe, productive and harmonious environment.

We have continued to embrace information, communication and learning technologies as tools of the digital age and encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning.

We believe each student achieves at different levels and we have worked towards establishing our teaching towards the unique characteristics of each child.

Our dedicated staff continually embrace opportunities to professionally develop their skills and talents to facilitate learning in order to achieve spiritual, emotional, social and educational outcomes for all.

Michelle Rodwell


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