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Our Catholic Identity

“The Catholic school is the principle educational arm of Catholic families, parishes and the wider Church for those generally aged under eighteen. It is there to assist parents and parishes in their educational, evangelical and catechetical mission, as well as to help the wider community in its educational and civic service.’ 
(Catholic Schools At A Crossroads, 2007) 

St Paul’s Catholic Primary School, is named after St Paul – the great missionary who worked for the Church.

At St Paul’s Catholic Parish Primary School we nurture and are proud of our strong Catholic Identity. We pride ourselves on being a Catholic school community of faith, love and learning. We enjoy an empowering relationship with our Parish Priest, Fr. David Catterall and the wider parish community as we work in partnership to promote and develop the faith life of our students, staff and families.

Our school motto is “Constant in Faith” – this is taken from the letters of St Paul, whereby he was writing to those who were losing belief. His writings were encouraging them to remain constant in faith, as the difficult times would pass. Our school strives to be ‘constant in faith’ in our daily interactions and relationships.