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About St Paul's

The original school of St Paul’s Albion Park, that consisted of one large room and a verandah was established in 1882 with three religious sisters of St Joseph sent by Mary MacKillop (St Mary of the Cross MacKillop) at the request of Rev Fr Augustus William Petre parish priest.

With an enrolment of approximately forty students, two Sisters did the teaching duties and the third Sister of St Joseph looked after the Convent. For over forty years the Sisters taught in the one large room.

The school was then called St Joseph’s and for some time also went under the name of St Patrick. Much has changed in the facilities we enjoy today. Thanks and praise to those who have given so much as good stewards.

Today St Paul’s Catholic Primary School prides itself on the charism of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop. Her spirit can be found in our students and staff, in their approach to learning, in their spiritual and other achievements and in their friendships and sport.

We are also blessed to have the patron saint of our parish school of St Paul the Apostle whose spirituality influences our daily activities and invites Christ to be gradually formed in us and in those to whom we minister.

There are many opportunities for our students to learn, grow and excel both within the classroom and out of the formal classroom. There are events where we come together, parents, students and teachers to celebrate our learning and community whilst embracing the core values of Respect, Service, Justice, Hope and Celebration- values based on the life of Jesus Christ.